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Knitting Testimonials
The class was very very helpful with several excellent ideas you gave us. I never knew to do a lifeline and putting the jump rings in is a great idea, too. I was never able to resolve the problem of running out of stitches with more of the pattern to still knit on that row. You got me on track again, that was sooo good!

Because of you I'm developing a need to fiddle with yarn while watching tv.

My mind has been blown open to new possibilities.

Reiki Testimonials
Quinn, I knew it was going to be good, but I didn't know it was going to be great!

And you are awesome at what you do!

You are great, Quinn, a good listener and a very soothing presence to be around.

Breastfeeding Testimonials

I have no idea what I would have done without you!

I immediately felt comfortable with Quinn when speaking over the phone with her.Very gentle demeanor, and understanding.

I am so grateful you caught our baby's tongue tie! Now we're solely feeding from the breast. I can't believe it!

You discovered our little guy's tongue tie hours after his birth, it was clipped an hour later and we are 7+ months breastfeeding strong!!! Thank you Quinn!!!

Placenta Encapsulation Testimonials

Before the capsules I was exhausted mentally and physically. When I took them, I had energy and I felt like I would get things done!

Better than drinking my green tea or morning coffee, I get a burst of consistent energy. Milk production was off the charts!

I've read from almost every woman I know about how the PPD strikes. I showed no signs at all even though I have a history of chronic depression and a family history of mental illness. This was my lifesaver! Thank you so much Quinn, I am so happy that our paths crossed!
I will be forever grateful.

Because of the severe blood loss I was exhausted to say the least. [30 minutes later] it gave me a glimmer of my old self. Thank you so much for all you support!! You helped me so much, Quinn. Thank you so much for your services!! I think the capsules have been invaluable.

I feel amazing! I tell almost everyone how much I believe in this; I just feel like it made everything complete. Thank you! thank you!

Wonderful! I believe the capsules really made the difference in my post partum healing. I was very tired and weak because of major blood loss during birth. After taking my first dose, color came back to my face and I started to feel more like myself. My energy and ability to "keep up" with my daughter .. even with little sleep ... has been great.
I have had little to no anxiety or depression since taking the pills - really amazing! My OB's nurse did remark on my recovery and energy at my six week appointment. She was thrilled to learn more about Placenta Encapsulation.
I have already been singing your praises at the --- groups I attend and would be happy to speak more to anyone considering your services! Thank you so much!

There was the initial "ick" factor, but after talking to Quinn I found it to be really exciting. When I saw the pills, they looked just like my fiber pills, so you weren't associating them with your placenta. I think the placenta capsules were a huge help in my recovery. With this being my first baby I expected recovery to take a lot longer and for my hormones to me more "out of whack". I'm really happy I've decided to use them.

The first time I took them I felt like the old happy me. I felt years younger and my sense of humor was back. When I wake up in the morning, I look forward to taking my pills. I know that they are helping to balance my hormones and helping my body heal quicker.

Birth Testimonials

It was wonderful to have you there!

Quinn bring a calming, knowledgeable presence to the labor and birth. She offers support while being acutely aware of the mother's needs and the care providers' roles.
CB, Nurse

Thanks so much for your help and support before, during, and after ...'s birth. You helped make it a smooth and positive experience, and helped make our crazy summer a resounding success.

Thank you seems so inadequate in view of everything that you did! Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping to make ...'s entrance into the world go smoothly!
M and R

Quinn, I'm so happy that I found you as my doula.CI was so nervous about my labor, but with the help and support of Quinn it was an amazing birth. She not only totally supported me, but she supported my partner

Would welcome Quinn at any of my births.
NR, Midwife

She explained and prepared me for my C-Section on what to expect more than the nurses did. Very helpful! It was very reassuring for me to have her there especially having to wait around an extra two hours before surgery. She helped calm my anxiety.

Quinn was very receptive to the patient's needs and the husband's. Her techniques were appropriate, and very helpful. She gave emotional and physical support.I believe Quinn was an asset to ...'s birth.
CH, Nurse

Quinn is always helpful and pleasant to work with!
BF, Nurse