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Making Yarn
Making your own yarn is a wonderful skill!  Spinning, whether with a drop spindle or a spinning wheel, is turning raw fiber into yarn for knitting, crocheting, rug hooking, or any other fiber art. It will help you learn about yarn in a most intimate way, to choose the best yarn for your project, provide you with a yen for more tools and toys, give you a huge appreciation for shearers, and teach you new terms like grist and noils and skurf!

Call for a private class for yourself, or gather a group of friends to learn together. We will cover fiber preparation, drafting, treadling, plying, and yarn finishing in a single class. These step by step instructions will enable the very beginner to become a spinner in no time! 


Drop Spinning
Learn a portable skill that’s over 20,000 years old! Drop spindles are easily accessible, a small price investment, and very attractive, but can be as simple as a stick in a potato. This device has spun ALL the string, thread, and yarn for every single piece of cloth up until the mid 1800s, although it was first invented in 1234 in Baghdad. Pants, shirts, cloaks, stockings, blankets, tents, sails? All made with thread from drop spindles!

Already a drop spinner? Try a wheel!

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Spinning Wheels
Spinning wheels are a relatively new invention and can definitely speed up your yarn production. The wheel lacks the portability of the spindle, but is a very relaxing way to sit and make a beautiful skein of yarn quickly.  If you have been interested in trying a wheel but were intimidated, this is the class for you. Compete beginners welcome!

If you have been using a spinning wheel for ages, try a drop spindle!

It's been like having our own personal cheerleader!"

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Stained-Glass Drop Spindles for Sale

I have a limited number of stained-glass drop spindles that I've made for adventurous spinners who want something extra-special! They have a Sculpy clay top and bottom, brass hooks, copper shaft, balanced whorl, and removable bottom "button" to slide off your copps. The clay features match the glass of the whorls. Removable copper "bobbins" are custom made to easily slide finished singles onto a lazy kate for plying without missing a beat. Don't worry, if you spin over carpet or a layer over your hard floor and drop your spindle, it won't easily break!

Completely mesmerizing in the sun!

25Five petals - the hook clay matches the colors of the glass

37Galaxy - three "marbles" with matching clay. Surprisingly balanced!

length of spindleLength of spindle

bobbin sequence 1A spindle with a bobbin partially filled - almost completely undetectable!

Copper Bobbins

Flexibility is the name of the game with these drop spindles!

Bobbins slide over the shaft of the spindle, unobtrusively holding your yarn while you spin away. Then when you're ready, they slide off the spindle, onto a lazy kate, and you're free to ply on the same spindle!

No searching for an odd solution to try to hold your singles until you ply, and you can fill as many bobbins as you like.

bobbin sequence 5The bobbin off the spindle, partially filled.

bobbin sequence 3The bottom "button" slides off the shaft, accessing the bobbin. Can you see the copper ring to keep it in place?

bobbin sequence 6Two partially filled bobbins on a Schacht lazy kate. A regular bobbin is also on the kate for scale.

bobbin sequence 7The bobbins' tubes are smooth and the singles effortlessly pull off to ply. They can be tensioned with the kate, as shown here.

Featured on the COVER of Spin-Off Magazine, Summer 2004
And in the New Products Section of Spin-Off, Spring 2004