New (NGP) Mama's Mojo Blend

New NGP Mama's Mojo Blend

We've heard of men going through "sympathetic pregnancy", also called Couvade syndrome, but very very rarely have we heard about the reaction Lesbian partners go through when around the powerful hormones of their pregnant ladies. Women are actually more sensitive to hormonal changes of other women than men (think cycle sisters!), so can experience a more powerful reaction to partners as they go through pregnancy and birth. When you are affected by these hormones, you can have symptoms like:

memory issues
weight gain
sleep changes
mood changes
leg cramps
reduced libido
racing thoughts
breast tenderness
breast lumps or discharge

These symptoms are real and can prevent you from being the supporter you want to be to your pregnant wife or partner. For my Lesbian clients, this time after a new addition to your family can feel like a heavy dose of PMS - making it hard to take on the added responsibilities of your new bundle of joy. New NGP (non-gestational partner) Mama’s Mojo Blend can restore you to yourself. It is not uncommon for a partner to have a weird period or longer bleeding cycle after the birth of a baby, as your sweetheart’s hormonal pattern will still influence yours. If you have breast tenderness, mood sensitivities, low libido, and symptoms of stress, New NGP Mama’s Mojo is for you! It can balance progesterone and estrogen, reducing stress hormones, increasing energy, supporting digestion and sleep, and eliminating excess catecholamines. I have done the research to develop this tincture specifically for those hormonal changes for the Lesbian women of postpartum mothers, to support to to be the best mama you can to that newest addition to your family.

By filling out a simple questionnaire, I will be able to work with your body to give you the energy you want, the libido level you want, and the mood stabilizers you need to support your body so it can seek harmony and balance. These Mojo Blends are not necessarily to be taken long term, but just until your body can heal itself. The answers you give are crucial to pinpointing the herbs you need; all tincture combinations are unique. Unfortunately, tinctures do not take the place of good eating, exercising, sleep, or living habits, but they can support you while you make the changes that are appropriate for you. Refills can be ordered, but as your lady's hormones change, yours may change as well, so a new Blend may be needed. There is no difference in price between the two services.

I have sourced the most pure, organic, and effective tinctures to blend into a mix that is uniquely yours. With several dozen herbs to choose from, your mix will be tailored to your needs!

To tailor your personal tincture, please fill out the following Questionnaire. You will be taking the first step towards regaining your Mojo!

New (NGP) Mama's Mojo Questionnaire

New Mama's Mojo Questionnaire

The tincture will be based on your answers on how you feel RIGHT NOW, and are completely confidential, so please feel free to be as specific as you can. More information is better than less at this point.

Please be as honest as you can - even if the symptoms sound “wimpy” it helps to know so I can tailor the tincture to your specific needs.


New (NGP) Mama's Mojo Blend

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