New Mother's Mojo Blend

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New Mother's Mojo Blend

New mothers usually start looking for postpartum support about half way through their pregnancies. Morning sickness has ebbed (at least a little), energy is back up (at least a little), and they know that there's going to be a baby (or babies)! While most of my clients opt for Placenta Encapsulation, you may be one who just isn't into it, but know you want to avoid the "baby blues".

While my first line of defense for postpartum syndrome is Placenta Encapsulation, my second is an herbal New Mother's Mojo Blend. These Blends are tailored to your specific needs to help with energy, hormonal balance, sleep, and anxiety to support you as you make the transition from a pregnant body to a mother body. The Blends are safe if you're nursing, bottle feeding, or somewhere in between! Since your body will take between six weeks and a year to fully recover after a birth, you may need a refill of your Mojo Blend. While I take careful notes to give you a duplicate Blend if you desire, your body will be changing so quickly, you may need an entirely different Blend as you go through this transition. There is no difference in cost between the two services.

By filling out a simple questionnaire, I will be able to work with your body to give you the energy you want, the mood stabilizers you need, and the hormonal balance you want to support your body so it can seek harmony and balance after your birth. These Mojo Blends are not intended to cure or force your body in a direction that is unhealthy, but are not detrimental to be taken long term. Your body will get used to having a cycle again, and the Blends can ease this transition so you can pay attention to your newborn or newborns. The questionnaire answers you give are crucial to pinpointing the herbs you need; all tincture combinations are unique. Unfortunately, tinctures do not take the place of good eating, exercising, sleep, or living habits, but they can support you while you make the changes that are appropriate for you.

I have sourced the most pure, organic, and effective tinctures to blend into a mix that is uniquely yours. With several dozen herbs to choose from, your mix will be tailored to your needs!

To tailor your personal tincture, please fill out the following Questionnaire. You will be taking the first step towards regaining your Mojo!

New Mother's Mojo Questionnaire

New Mother's Mojo Questionnaire

The tincture will be based on your answers on how you feel RIGHT NOW, and are completely confidential, so please feel free to be as specific as you can. More information is better than less at this point.

Please be as honest as you can - even if the symptoms sound “wimpy” it helps to know so I can tailor the tincture to your specific needs.


New Mother's Mojo Blend

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