New Dad's Mojo Blend

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New Dad's Mojo Blend

New dads are the unsung heroes of the birth world! You men are in the background cleaning, cooking, hold your wife or partner as she goes through a hormonal emotional roller coaster, walk the dog, AND go to work without support of your own. When the baby or babies arrive, you get to add managing breastfeeding schedules, driving to follow-up appointments, rocking the baby or babies until it's time to feed again, and deal with visitors who pass you by to coo over the baby and mother. When you dedicated partners are close to your wives, you can have physical reactions to her super-charged hormones that can surface in unexpected ways.

These symptoms, some of which include:

appetite changes
memory issues
weight gain
sleep changes
mood changes
leg cramps
reduced libido
racing thoughts

all fall under the term “Couvade Syndrome”. This reaction to a wife or sweetheart’s pregnancy can hit without warning and without the partner’s understanding. Unfortunately, men who have reported these symptoms are often ridiculed for wanting attention or being wimpy or crybabies when their wives are going through “real” pregnancy - "c’mon guys, man up"! However, two studies have shown that not only are these symptoms real, they are scientifically based on blood-level hormonal changes.

Men experiencing Couvade Syndrome do get back to normal, but it can take several years for your hormone levels to recover. New Dad’s Mojo Blend supplies a hormonal boost (without hormones!) to increase testosterone, reduce catecolemines and estrogens, and balance your energy so you can care for your new family and feel like yourself without drugs or having to wait months or years to feel better.

By filling out a simple questionnaire, I will be able to work with your body to give you the energy you want, the libido level you want, and the mood stabilizers you need to support your body so it can seek harmony and balance. These Mojo Blends are not necessarily to be taken long term, but just until your body can heal itself. The answers you give are crucial to pinpointing the herbs you need; all tincture combinations are unique. Unfortunately, tinctures do not take the place of good eating, exercising, sleep, or living habits, but they can support you while you make the changes that are appropriate for you.

I have sourced the most pure, organic, and effective tinctures to blend into a mix that is uniquely yours. With several dozen herbs to choose from, your mix will be tailored to your needs!

To tailor your personal tincture, please fill out the following Questionnaire. You will be taking the first step towards regaining your Mojo!

New Dad's Mojo Questionnaire

New Dad's Mojo Questionnaire

New Dad's Mojo Blend

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"I don't want to be complaining about such minor issues when she’s going through so much”


While the benefits of herbal nutritional supplements are supported by ongoing research, this information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and should not be substituted for medical treatment. Consult with your health care provider if you experience any unusual symptoms. Quinn's services are not clinical, pharmaceutical, or intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Men who choose to utilize the services on this page take full responsibility for their health and use these remedies at their own risk.