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Life Coaching

Great! You have made the decision to change, and now are on fire to:

Get exercising
Clean up your food
Get organized
Let go of that resentment
Start that, or stop this

But have no idea how to implement those new activities into your life. That's where I come in.

Health care professionals want us to reduce stress and wear and tear on the body, but don't give us anything other than vague concepts to do so without many months (or years) in therapy. That's where a Life Coach comes in. I'll help you break down your goal into manageable steps so you can work intelligently towards success instead of landing face-first into a vat of overwhelm.

As a Life Coach, I am a guide, counselor, and inspirer to your fitness, nutrition, mental, and spiritual goals.  I'm not a sledgehammer to pummel you into shape, do what you don't want to do, or become a domineering sit-up trainer. We will come up with behaviors together that turn into habits that create lasting change.

untie the knots

Untying the Knots

We will take those 20 pages of allergic foods, orders to loose 30 (or more) pounds, desire to become more peaceful, come up with a budget, or begin a plan to help propel you to your goal and break it down into small chunks to get started - and keep going.

It's tempting to surge ahead and change everything all at once, get overwhelmed, and slide back into old habits that are familiar even as they are harmful. With a guide, you can make those wishes known, think big, and still find your socks in the morning. If you get overwhelmed, I'm here to help you breathe, see where the anxiety is coming from, and help ease new behaviors into your life at the best rate to maintain your progress.

By using planning, your own enthusiasm for change, and some attainable milestones, we will actually come up with a small change for today. Because I'm not a licensed mental health practitioner, we will progress according to your desires, not a plan I've been trained to follow. The key is to be willing to see what's in the way, identify barriers, acknowledge the fears, and make a plan. I will help with each of these steps so you can look at the broad picture of, say, changing your diet, but still be able to figure out what to have for breakfast.

Are you ready?

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