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Fear not your knitting, for you are the master of your creations.

Knitting is a skill that is taught, usually from one knitter to an interested “victim”. We need to learn at our own pace, with an understanding and patient teacher. We knit gifts and garments happily for years, but then we get the itch to learn something new. 

Private lessons can be tailored from teaching completely basic techniques to those that used to be reserved for those “advanced knitters”. Sessions on learning how to knit and purl, increase and decrease, cast on and cast off all the way to steeks (cutting openings in your knitting), fixing mistakes in cables, and lace are all available.

From absolute beginner knitting to advanced knitting techniques, allow me to work with you to take your knitting to the next level. I'm even available to work on those projects you got stuck on years ago and want to finish!

Quinn, I knew it was going to be good,
but I didn't know it was going to be great!


Private Lesson Topics

Basic garment making:
Yarn dye lots
Right yarn for patterns
Gauge swatch – what it is and how to make it
How much yarn for project: how to calculate yardage
How to measure your body

Solutions to your problems:
Can’t get gauge
Change needle size
Change yarn – are you sure you are using the right substitution?
Sometimes yarn is just too thin or too thick for the needles

How to alter a pattern:
Add or subtract ribbing
How to take off ribbing and knit down
How to turn a cardigan into a pullover and vice versa

Specific techniques:
Multi-colored patterns

Beginning Lessons:
Knit, purl
Casting on and off
Increasing and decreasing
How to choose a yarn
How to read a pattern

You are great, Quinn, a good listener and a very soothing presence to be around.

Step by step instructions

Things can look quite messy

Even in process a piece can be beautiful

My mind has been blown open to new possibilities.

Quinn purling CONTINENTAL with her feet!

What can you do today?
Handy tips:
Use a lifeline
Tink instead of rip
Rip instead of Tink
Insert needle before ripping
Snip instead of rip
Watch stitch mount
Your other knitting project
Keep your eyes open, you may believe you’ve made a mistake when really it is a mistake in counting!
Duplicate stitch
Thread a needle to stitch up a dropped stitch
Provisional Cast-on

For Gods’ sake, use Google, friends, knitting store helpers, the phone, anything to make knitting remain fun

Remember that “Only in Allah is there Perfection!”
And that “Mistakes let God in”
Mistakes make you strong

And that if you wanted a perfect sweater,
you would have gotten one from the mall.
Knitting is supposed to be fun – what is your goal?